Going Green with Green Label Singapore - Your Ultimate Guide

Green Label Singapore

Green Label Singapore

Green Label Singapore is a certification scheme that aims to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness in Singapore. Launched in 1992 by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), the scheme has since grown to become a well-recognized and trusted symbol of environmental responsibility in the country.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Green Label Singapore - from its history and mission to how it works, the benefits of certification, and how you can get involved. So, let’s dive in!

What is Green Label Singapore?

Green Label Singapore is a certification scheme that recognizes environmentally friendly products and services in the country. The scheme covers a wide range of categories, from household appliances and cleaning products to food and beverage, personal care, and even building materials.

To receive the Green Label certification, products and services must meet a set of environmental standards and criteria that have been established by the Singapore Environment Council. These standards cover areas such as resource conservation, waste reduction, and pollution control, among others.

How does Green Label Singapore work?

To apply for the Green Label certification, companies must first submit an application form and pay a fee. Once the application is received, the product or service is evaluated by a panel of experts who assess its environmental impact and compliance with the Green Label standards.

If the product or service meets the criteria, it will be awarded the Green Label certification, which can be used for marketing and promotional purposes. The certification is valid for three years, after which the product or service must be re-evaluated to maintain its certification.

Benefits of Green Label certification

There are many benefits of obtaining the Green Label certification, including:

How can you get involved with Green Label Singapore?

If you’re interested in promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness in Singapore, there are several ways you can get involved with Green Label Singapore:


Q. Is the Green Label certification recognized outside of Singapore?
A. While the Green Label certification is primarily focused on the Singapore market, it is recognized and respected internationally as a symbol of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Q. How much does it cost to obtain Green Label certification?
A. The cost of Green Label certification varies depending on the type of product or service and the complexity of the evaluation process. Check the Singapore Environment Council site for the latest fees.


Green Label Singapore is an important initiative that is driving sustainability efforts in the country. By recognizing and promoting eco-friendly products and services, the scheme is helping to create a more sustainable future for Singapore and the planet.